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English Lessons

Customized for each student

Online lesson material in the Student Area

Competitively priced


English Lessons with Kerry are for…

Young adults to adults (age 15 to 115)

Students of any level – beginner to proficient


Traditional Lessons

Focused on reading, listening, speaking, writing, grammar, and vocabulary

Use effective study books and resources

Can focus on a specific area:

Business English, test preparation, tutoring for school, or preparing for travel


Specialized Lessons are…

The same as Traditional Lessons

Also focused on a special interest:

A hobby, public speaking, reading, conversation, or student’s choice


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Specialized Lessons

We learned our mother tongues by hearing, practicing, and playing in the real world.

Specialized Lessons’ goal is to help students learn English in the same fun, real-world way.


Hobby Lessons

I have many passions. If you have a passion too, we can combine your passion with English lessons.

Hobby Lessons come in sets of three English Lessons.

Lesson 1 – Preparation:  First we practice the English skills for your hobby and set goals for lesson 2

Lesson 2 – The Outing: Next, we go and take a class or visit a real world location. We then do your hobby related activities in English.
Lesson 3 – The Summary: Finally, we review what you learned by writing a description of the experience

Hobby Lessons work well as stand-alone lessons. They help refresh English skills between courses. Hobby Lessons also can bring some more excitement to Traditional Lessons.


Public Speaking Lessons

I am a professional musician. I am trained to stand in front of many people and deliver beautiful music with confidence. I use this performance skill to deliver great presentations, speeches, workshops, and classes. I can help you to do the same.

In Public Speaking Lessons, we will prepare your presentation. We will also practice techniques to be confident and have great stage presence.


Reading Lessons

Reading is great way to build up language skills. I am a book worm, a person who loves to read. Every time I read a book in a foreign language, my ability in that language improves.

Reading Lessons use an original English language book picked by the student. In a Reading Lesson Course, we will read the whole book. We’ll practice grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening too. At the end of the course, you’ll also get writing practice by making a summary of the book.


Conversation Lessons

Talking is a great way to keep your language skills in tip-top shape. Conversation Lessons are relaxing and easy. The focus is on pronunciation, word choice, word order, and vocabulary.


Student’s Choice

If you have a new idea for English lessons I am open and happy to hear it. Simply send me an email at
You can also share your ideas during the Course Planning Coffee before starting a course.


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